Alerting is one of the pillars of visibility at DevOps, and it is closely related to monitoring and logging. Whether monitoring and logging provide a way to look at and understand the system's condition, anyone can not stay focused on the screen to view an error rate statement, low memory problem, or other difficult events. We use the warning to inform us of events we like, that is, events that indicate problems or potential problems, such as when and when they occur.

The concept of warning or alerting is simple. The system is constantly monitored, and when a predetermined limit for a particular metric is exceeded, a notification is sent to pre-configured receivers or recipients. Thresholds can be set to indicate certain issues with the system and indicate further that the system may be facing the problem. Alerting these restrictions may give participants sufficient guidance and time to monitor the system more closely and even begin some mitigation activities that will reduce the chances of a problem.

The exact limits of warning will undoubtedly need to be considered. Having low limits that are frequently reached but with little impact will lead to more noisy warnings; i.e., We will receive regular alerts for events that do not require immediate attention. On the other hand, if the thresholds are too high, we may not receive warnings until a problem has already occurred, or it may be too late to reduce it in any way. Monitoring data will contain all the information needed to analyze the underlying cause. Still, warnings should only be set in the appropriate range of areas that require participants' attention.

At 01Cloud, we strive to use open-source software throughout our operating environment, such as Kubernetes, for the sake of fair value. Generate meaningful alerts that escalate to the right people for the right severity. In the 01cloud, we can integrate the webhook feature in the CI and get notifications in our Slack Channel regarding the CI build status.

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