Continuous Integration & Delivery

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Traditional software development methods often require a person, e.g., Product Manager, to determine and define the desired behavior of the software. The next step is for the developer team to write, build, test, and manage the version using a review management system, usually Git. Finally, test engineers validate new software against test kits designed with the desired behavior in mind. The whole process has its limitations. This is where 01Cloud comes into play.

Problem-solving code or written tests by different groups can be difficult. Joint team communication can increase delays and the quality of the trump code. Insert CI / CD, commonly used words next to "DevOps", "Agile", "automation" etc. These terms are intended to describe the modern workflow experienced by teams to improve quality and productivity.

CI stands for 'Continuous Integration' and refers to the software build pipe. CI incorporates all the steps developers take between coding and pushing it into a team test. These methods are designed to help the team address any code-related issues by providing continuous feedback on automated construction, smoke testing, unit testing, and more.

The CD refers to a software release pipe and can represent 'Continuous Delivery' or 'Continuous Delivery' - two very similar processes, very different in their default level. The CD is about making sure the code provides the functionality you want by sending it to several locations. These areas aim to replicate the actual production area, wh

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) feature a culture, a complete set of operating principles, and a collection of practices that allow application development teams to securely and reliably deliver code changes. The process is also known as the CI/CD pipeline. The CI/CD process can be monitored from the CI/CD section in the Environment of the 01cloud. This feature allows a mechanism to integrate and validate its changes without needing DevOps monitoring.

The CI status shows all the processes it goes through throughout the Integration. Major processes during the Integration: Cloning Repository, Building Image, and Pushing Image are displayed in the section.

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