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01Cloud is a Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) that enables a complete development and deployment environment that contributes towards delivering any simple-cloud based applications to enterprise applications, tools and more that are now the essence of any enterprise and organization. Our services are based on the Kubernetes Architecture and Security that allows a consistent and standard cloud environment ideal for your organizational projects.

Why 01Cloud?

With major names in the industry, what makes us different and why should you choose us as your partner?


Automatic & easy application deployment & monitoring

Robust Orchestration & Deployment

No need to get tangled between the seas of coding & third-party control panel software like cPanel & Plesk.


Operator Deployment

Operator Deployment

Operators are software that simplifies the complex process of running any other Kubernetes application extending the functionality of the environment.


Multi-Cloud capability

Multi-Cloud capability

The great thing about us is our ability to work and integrate several cloud platforms and service providers.


Addons Support for environment

Addons Support!

For infrastructures that need additional tools, 01Cloud fully supports various useful tools and addons for environments to ease the process of development and deployment.


Faster deployment with templates

Pre-built Template

Instead of spending hours on codes, 01Cloud offers the users access to pre-built templates that minimizes the effort and time consumed significantly.


Flexible & Scalable Resource Allocation

Efficient Allocation

We understand that every business and organization have their specific requirements, so we make it easy to allocate resources and choose the plan that is ideal.


Container Registry Deployment

Container Registry Deployment

Container registry in 01Cloud offers reliable and trustworthy delivery and deployment of container images.


Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs

Within 01Cloud, we offer the Cron Jobs feature that allows users to easily automate certain commands or scripts on the server to complete tasks on a repetitive basis automatically.

Our Processes

  • Organizational Creation

    Organizational Creation

    An organization gives you access to our platform where you can collaborate, track, plan and manage your workflows. Once you subscribe to our services, an organization resource will automatically be created for you. The organization created will be linked directly to your account or workspace allocated to you.

  • Project Creation

    Project Creation

    A project is a repository for all the source codes and a space for users to track progress, make changes and create applications. It is the fundamental container where data is stored and also the next step in our process. When users create projects, they have the access to allocate resources and install addons necessary as well.

  • Application Creation

    Application Creation

    Under projects, users can start creating applications as a form of source codes. This infrastructure is responsible for implementing and maintaining the application health and security as well. The containerized system and access to the different environments allow ease of customization and testing before deployment.

  • Environment Creation

    Environment Creation

    The final stage before deployment is creating different environments for the applications. Here, all of the production, testing, customization are done before eventually deploying the final product.

Organization Creation
Project Creation
Application Creation
Environment Creation

Subscription Plan

Project Subscription Plan

Basic Plan

  • 2 Apps Creation
  • 1 CORE
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 5 Backup per env
  • 60 CI/CD Build
  • 2 Cronjobs
  • 2 Startup Jobs
  • Custom Domain SSL
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Professional Plan

  • 10 Apps Creation
  • 3 CORE
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 15 Backup per env
  • 200 CI/CD Build
  • 20 Cronjobs
  • 10 Startup Jobs
  • Custom Domain SSL
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Business Plan

  • 20 Apps Creation
  • 8 CORE
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 40 Backup per env
  • 600 CI/CD Build
  • 60 Cronjobs
  • 20 Startup Jobs
  • Custom Domain SSL
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Organization Subscription Plans

Trial Account

  • No.of Users 3
  • No. of cluster Management 1
  • Custom Helm Chart Support 1
  • Multi-database as Addons Available
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  • No.of Users 10
  • No. of cluster Management 1
  • Custom Helm Chart Support 2
  • Multi-database as Addons Available
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  • No.of Users 25
  • No. of cluster Management10
  • Custom HelmChart Support 10
  • Multi-database as Addons Available
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  • No.of Users 100
  • No. of cluster Management 20
  • Custom HelmChart Support 50
  • Multi-database as Addons Available
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We are a distinguished entity operating under BerryBytes, proudly recognized as a Silver Member of both the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation

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