Architecture Design and Deployment

Architecture Design and Deployment

Kubernetes is a sophisticated yet robust container orchestration infrastructure that makes it an integral part of 01Cloud. It requires extensive configuration and management, and the structure is like a large house with containers inside. For us, it is a traditional cloud tool, PaaS (Platform as a Service). As a comprehensive planning infrastructure, especially in the production area, one needs to address the various structural weaknesses and dependencies of the platform, where 01Cloud comes in handy. At first glance, Kubernetes' security may seem simple. But Kubernetes is a sophisticated tool, and Kubernetes' deployment involves many layers and moving parts.

01Cloud brings a PaaS-based hybrid cloud solution that instantly transforms existing infrastructure into a cloud. We help businesses drive digital transformation by allowing themselves to manage VMs, Containers, and Server Services ON ANY infrastructure - locally, in the public cloud, or ultimately - with self-help, convenience, and integration. With us what we and our technicians offer are a sophisticated process of designing and implementing the architecture based on your requirements and organisational workflow. We not only offer our platform, but on request, our technicians will dedicate themselves completely to architect, design and orchestrate an environment that fits your needs and resource allocations and even keeping in mind the budget.

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